ABOVE: Faculty advisor Mr. David Brock asserts his belief that Po-Tash rocks the ESSRE.


We are a group of interns for Environmental Studies Science Research Experience for Young Women. We call ourselves Po-Tash, for no reason at all.

For our environmental research project we chose to test the effect that earthworms have on the level of Aluminum in the soil.

For the first half of our E.S.S.R.E. internship we completed biota surveys in three different sites. After T testing our results we realized there may be a connection between the number of earthworms and the level of aluminum between the sites. After researching this we found that the more earthworms there are in soil, the more the soil is churned. Therefore, we hypothesized that when the soil is churned due to the higher counts of earthworms the aluminum level will be lower.

In order to test this we compared aluminum levels in a site where there were no worms to aluminum levels in sites with different worm counts. We plotted sites of equal volume and counted the worms in the site. Then collected soil samples of equal volume from the sites and completed chemical test to determine the aluminum levels.


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