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Welcome to the home of the Chloriders!

From left to right: Briana Davis, Alanna Aboulafia, Kira Barrret, and Eva Frankel


This website will let you step into the life of a Chlorider, where anything is possible! The four of us Chloriders, Kira, Alanna, Eva, and Briana, were at first seperated. We each were on different teams doing soil ecology tests on each of the 4 sites in Roland Park Country School's backwoods. But after all the general chemical testing of every site was done, we united under the name of Chloride to form our own research team. And that is how the Chloriders were born.

This website will show you our research project, "The Effect of Plant Type on Chloride Levels." We hope you find it Chlomazing, and intriguing enough to research yourself!