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E.S.S.R.E. 2016
Environmental Science Summer Research Experience for Young Women
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Thank you for visiting the 2016 E.S.S.R.E. webpage! This summer, 15 interns participated in E.S.S.R.E.'s three week progam to perform a biota survey, or an environmental "snapshot” of the Roland Park Country School Backwoods. The interns then based their individual group projects on statistical anomalies found in the biota survey data to uncover the possible truth behind discrepancies in various microbe populations and chemical levels found throughout the E.S.S.R.E. sites. These girls represented various schools throughout the Baltimore area, including Friends School of Baltimore, Notre Dame Preparatory School, Pikesville High School, Institute of Notre Dame, George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology,  and Roland Park Country School, to make up a very successful 2016 program! Please explore this webpage to find the interns’ research papers and 2016 data.
If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact the founding project director,David Brock, by email at STEMteacherEmeritus.rpcs@gmail.com . Contact Current project director, Cheryl Carmona, at carmonac@rpcs.org
Biota Survey Groups
Please click on the picture to access the raw data and the group name to access the statistial analyses for each site's biota survey.
Ava's Group Sally's Group Mr. Brock's Group Emma's Group
Ava's Group Sally's Group Mr. Brock's Group Emma's Group
Research Groups
The interns' scientific research papers and instructional websites are linked below.
Please click on the pictures to view the research papers and the group name to view the website.
Iron Girls OG Paper On FeIron Paper Sulfate Superheroes Paper Ground Xero Paper
Iron Girls OG On FeIron Sulfate Superheroes Ground Xero
  Interns enjoy their end of the program lunch and proudly display their certificates.