The research question our group investigated upon involved how the amount of leaf surface area changes the amount of ferric iron and manganese in the soil. Our previous knowledge based on the manganese and iron tests that were taken in the varied sites at the school led us to believe there was a pattern between the increasing manganese and ferric iron levels. To further research their possible relationship, we found that both manganese and iron were participants in the process of photosynthesis. We wanted to see if the leaf surface area covering above and below each site had an impact on  the levels of manganese and ferric iron. Our research was to prove that as the leaf surface increased, the iron and manganese level decreased, due to the decreasing amounts of sunlight. Manganese is a necessary elements in the enzyme system of plants. Manganese plays a role in reactions that affect germination, photosynthesis, and other vital aspects of plant development. Manganese is necessary for the process of photosynthesis and can prove to be very beneficial if found in the soil, while  ferric iron has an impact on oxidation reduction. If our hypothesis proves true, than we will be able to confirm the source of low levels of ferric iron and manganese.





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