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Acknowledgements and Bibliography

*We used these controls in out experiment and we found them very helpful. The amount of sunlight, temperature, presence of decomposing matter in plots, plants, duration of experiment, simultaneous soil samples, simultaneous and immediate testing of samples for all tests and serial dilutions, interval between sample collections, size of sunlight-hidden square, and the type of water used (stream).

Helpful Hints:

* If you have a soil core sampler  to use it would make life a whole lot easier because when you fill it up with soil to the first line that is a sample of soil that is 15 cm deep and 2 cm wide.

* If you have access to a LaMotte soil test kit the experiment will be much easier because it is easier to perform the chemical tests.

* When taking the second soil sample it is a good idea to set up you second trial of the experiment at the same time. But make sure that you put the second trial at least a 1 and a half meters from soil sample in the first trial.

* When taking the soil sample it is a good idea to wear gloves because the ground has many creepy bugs that can bite.

* To distinguish between all the different samples in each site label the sample areas with flags.

Always remember to wash out your core sampler after every soil sample that you take, so that you don't contaminate the next sample Beware of mud, if it had just recently rained, or if your plot is in a swamp, you should wear some rain boots and if the mud is really thick and nasty remove your booted foot with care, or the mud will hold on to your boot and your socked foot will end up in the mud