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-Metal Soil Core
-Munsell Scale Book
-Plastic Bags
-Marker/Pen (for labeling)
-Chemical Test Kit (for testing soil for iron)
-Field Notebook
-Look at Troubleshooting page for supply suggestions
1. Using a soil core on the same day at the same time, collect 15 cm by 2.5 cm deep of soil from three different, random locations.
2. While the soil is still in the soil core, take a pinch of soil and smear it on the color swatches of the Munsell color scale to match the color of the soil to a color on the scale. Record the value of the color in the data table.
3. Remove samples from soil core and separate them by color into plastic bags labeled with the site and sample number.
4. On the same day at the same time, test each sample for ferric iron (Fe+3) in ppm. Record the iron level of each sample in the data table.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 on at least three different days, making sure to collect soil from a different quadrant on each day.  
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