E.S.S.R.E 2009

Environmental Science Summer Research Experience for Young Women

 Welcome to the 2009 summer program of Environmental Science Summer Research Experience for Young Women. This year, we were fortunate enough to have a wide range of schools participating in the program. E.S.S.R.E was held at Roland Park Country School for the eighth year in a row. We welcomed nine interns this year from five schools: Roland Park Country School, Baltimore Polytechnic, Western High School, Friends School, and Notre Dame Preparatory School. The program ran from July 6, 2009 until July 24, 2009 in which the interns studied the microclimate of our site 1, 3, and 4 to further our knowledge of our backwoods.  

To see a video of everyone's experience, click on the video link below.

ESSRE 2009 Movie (60 GB)


If you are curious in how we came about our results, you can visit our steps to a biota survey and learn what we did during our three week internship.  






                 Rabia's group                      Liz's group                  Mr. Brock's group



Individual Group Research Questions

This year, the group of interns broke up into 2 groups of 4and they were able to choose a topic that interested them. They were able to choose their topics based off of all the entire site data provided by all groups. We hope you take time to read each groups research question and learn about their findings. ENJOY!!

To view their research papers, click on their photos.

To view the group's own personal website, click on the link below the picture.

     How does oxygen affect protozoa?         Decomposition's Impact on Soil Chemistry




If you have any question or are interested in learning more about E.S.S.R.E, please feel free to email the founding program director at STEMteacherEmeritus.rpcs@gmail.com . Contact current program director, Cheryl Carmona, at carmonac@rpcs.org


Soil Ecology Experiments Research Findings and Results Biota Survey Protocol Annotated Soil Bibliographies

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