Environmental Summer Science Research Experience for Young Women is a three week program where students discover and learn about soil ecology, scientific research, and statistics analysis for data.  During our three weeks we were divided into groups and assigned a research site.  In our site we toke soil samples and preformed chemical tests, serial dilutions, and protozoa extractions on the different soil samples.  Once all the data was collected we compared with the other sites and found the significant statistical differences between the sites.  Then, in our groups we thought of which difference we would want to explore and experiment to try and fund out the reason for this difference.


        Our group decided to see what was causing such a small bacteria population in research site four.  We knew from previous years that mold and protozoa levels were decreasing and that cause was from the ultraviolet rays.  Since this site receives a lot of sunlight, and the others do not, we thought that the bacteria may also be effected by the sunlight.  We decided to test this hypothesis after researching and finding out that sunlight does have an effect on bacteria cells.


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