Troubleshooting & Helpful Hints!

Make sure you have enough 3M Petri film, and  if you do not, try cutting each sheet in half to conserve it.

Use bug spray!

Wear clothing that you don't care about getting dirty.

Make sure you bring plenty of water in case of dehydration.

Bring rain gear in case you happen to be stuck in a rainstorm.

Make sure you have enough plastic baggies, and it is a good idea to label them before you adventure outside (to conserve time).

When you put the mesh squares into the ground, push them securely into the ground and make sure you put something on the corners (such as small flags) to keep them in place, incase there is a storm so they don't get washed away.

Also make sure that when you are finished using chemicals, first put them away so they do not harm others, then sterilize the counter top with alcohol.

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